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We are an amateur mini-football team created in 2007 entirely by the employees of Euro Games Technology (EGT). Our team is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and is a member of the Bulgarian Mini Football Association (BAMF), where we compete in the IT Super Premier League and Bussines Championship.


For over 15 years, we have had a number of awards and achievements, including 1st place in the IT Premier League 2021, 2nd place in the IT Champions League, and 3rd place in the Kozaro Cup tournament.


Sport is a way of life for us, and regular training is our guarantee of success. We are dedicated professionals in the office and on the field. Our team consists of 12 players, employees from different departments of the technology company.


“The most important thing for us is that we love to play the game from the heart and give everything on the field” – Nikolay Georgiev, founder and captain of the team, Director of Production at Euro Games Technology.


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Euro Games Technology is a Bulgarian company founded in 2002 in Sofia. It is the absolute leader in Bulgaria and a key player in the international market for casino equipment. The products and services that the company offers to customers around the world include – slot machines, accessories, game mixes, casino management systems and high-quality technical support.

With 20-years of history, EGT continues to expand its portfolio by developing a distribution network on 5 continents in more than 90 jurisdictions.

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A great team that achieves great results

Greetings from a collective of devoted talents and responsible leaders. Over 2500 professionals working worldwide are determined to deliver the best to our clients, make every day count, and always level up.

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This is a place that nurtures talent

We are proud to say that our experts are successfully and continuously building their careers within our structure. Investing in people is key and our talents enjoy many career-boosting opportunities, privileges, and a friendly working environment. This is one of the reasons why EGT is the main sponsor of the amateur mini-football team that the company is proud of.


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